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2023 International HPV Awareness Day: Seminar Series

The HPV Cancer Prevention Program celebrated the week leading up to International HPV Awareness Day on March 4th.

Watch the videos from the week-long seminar series aimed at increasing HPV vaccination awareness and coverage, especially among key populations for which disparities exist.

4-part virtual seminar series

Accessing Implementation Science in Action and Research Opportunities on HPV Cancer Prevention Materials

“Implementation Science in Action and Research Opportunities on HPV Cancer Prevention” was a 4-part virtual seminar series. This series was presented by the HPV Research Group of the St. Jude and Washington University in St. Louis Implementation Sciences Collaborative.

During the final virtual seminar, preliminary results from a systematic review of HPV vaccination intervention research contexts was reported. Most intervention research has been conducted in clinical settings. However, growing vaccination hesitancy demands more attention on intervention efforts to increase HPV vaccination confidence in a range of contexts. Few studies looked at the urgency of increasing HPV vaccination interventions with populations experiencing inequities.

Limited implementation science research on HPV vaccination has been published, thus, the review was limited to intervention implementation more broadly. Results point to important gaps in HPV vaccination intervention research, including a need for more research addressing community and policy settings. It also shows a need for a greater focus on groups that experience health inequities.

Following this, speakers shared a portfolio analysis of National Cancer Institute (NCI)-funded research from fiscal years 2006–21. Results show an increase in HPV vaccinations with a common focus on clinical settings and health care providers. Future analyses may be directed to focus on rural populations and other populations.

The final segment provided a recap of the community, clinical, and policy contexts explored in previous seminars. HPV vaccination research priorities were captured during the virtual seminar. If you could not attend but would like to contribute, submit your feedback about research priorities in this survey. You may also share this link with others who may want to provide input.

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