About the Center

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The Analytical Technologies Center (ATC) was founded in 2007. Its mission is to acquire, develop, and deploy analytical methods to evaluate small-molecule chemical, biochemical, biophysical, PK and pharmacodynamic properties to support the discovery of novel therapeutic approaches. ATC’s state-of-the-art instruments facilitate support across all stages of compound discovery and development, from early phase compound characterization to late-stage PK testing.

This instrumentation facilitates tasks including structural elucidation and purification of complex mixtures, verification of purity and weight, high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) analysis, quantitation of compounds in various matrices (cellular extracts, plasma, brain, urine), CLND/CAD (chemiluminescent nitrogen detection/charged aerosol detection) quantification, ADME profiling, biological screening, and tissue imaging.

ATC collaborates with many St. Jude investigators, providing small molecule in vitro and in vivo quality control determination, ADME profiling, formulation, in vivo PK bioanalysis, MS-based biochemical assays, and tissue imagining. In 2020, ATC began providing drug-information support for all in vivo studies at St. Jude.

Center Staff

Lei Yang, PhD – Lead Scientist

John Bowling, PhD – Managing Scientist

Dong Geun Lee, PhD – Scientist

Mary Ashley Rimmer, PhD – Lead Researcher

Yong Li, PhD – Scientist

Xiang Fu, PhD – Scientist

Emily Sekera, PhD – Lead Researcher