About the Department

The Chemical Biology and Therapeutics (CBT) Department formulates innovative chemical and chemoinformatic solutions to resolve salient problems in biology and medicine. Fundamental research programs to uncover underlying biological processes are complemented by translational centers that house chemical synthesis, screening, and computational capabilities that mirror cutting-edge biotech/pharma operations, resources rarely accessible at academic institutions. 

The expertise and resources of CBT are leveraged across the institution, making it a highly dynamic and diverse collaborative hub at St. Jude. The scientific research arm of CBT is in an exciting growth phase; individuals with bold vision and demonstrated excellence in research at the interface of Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine are encouraged to join the team.


Focus Areas

Aseem Z. Ansari

Designing synthetic gene switches for transcription therapy

Scott Blanchard, PhD

Understanding structure-function relationships in complex biochemical systems at the single-molecule scale 

Taosheng Chen, PhD, PMP

Deciphering transcriptional regulation of therapeutic responses

Tommaso Cupido, PhD

Understanding the chemical biology of essential protein machines

Marcus Fischer, PhD

Exploring the protein conformational landscape for ligand discovery

Richard E. Lee, PhD

Discovering new antibiotics and other therapeutics using medicinal chemistry and chemical biology  

Tudor Moldoveanu, PhD

Investigating programmed cell death in cancer biology

Phillip Potter

Exploring novel treatment approaches for metastatic disease and elucidating the mechanisms that drive drug activation

Anang A. Shelat, PhD

Identifying and translating druggable liabilities in pediatric cancers

CBT Collaborative Centers

Leading state-of-the-art chemistry technologies, the CBT Centers focus on collaborative research with St. Jude’s investigators to further our understanding of the biological mechanisms in childhood diseases, with the goal of translating this knowledge into new therapeutic opportunities. 


  • Aseem Z. Ansari

    Chair, Chemical Biology and Therapeutics

    R. J. Ulrich Endowed Chair 

    Faculty Bio

  • Julianne Bryan, PMP

    Director, CBT Operations

  • Taosheng Chen, PhD, PMP

    Director, High Throughput Bioscience Center

    Faculty Bio

  • Anang Shelat, PhD

    Director, Lead Discovery Informatics

    Faculty Bio

  • Natalie Racine

    Adminstrative Director

  • Zoran Rankovic, PhD

    Director, CBT Chemistry Centers

    Faculty Bio

Adminstration and Operations Team

  • Carolina Adura, PhD - Research Operations Manager
  • Roxy Chirlow - Coordinator, Grants and Contracts
  • Ellie Durbin - Administrative Assistant II
  • Madison Rice, MS - Scientific Visualization Engineer
  • E'lisia Rodgers - Administrative Assistant II
  • Lauren Sides - Administrative Specialist
  • Martina Sigal, MD, PhD - Lab Operations Manager
  • Candice Stokes - Administrative Specialist

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St. Jude investigators have the freedom to focus on making big discoveries, backed by extraordinary resources and support teams. We are always looking for highly motivated scientists and engineers with passion and talent to join us!

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CBT Symposium
Bringing Chemistry to Medicine Symposium (July 22 - 23, 2021)

Thursday, July 22: Transcription Therapy
Friday, July 23: Frontiers in Chemical Biology

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262 Danny Thomas Place
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