About the Center

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The Chemical Biology Center (CBC) was founded in 2007. Its mission is to apply advanced chemical methods to discover and develop chemical tools designed to map and interrogate biological and pathological pathways. To this end, CBC is staffed by multidisciplinary experts in organic and medicinal chemistry, biochemical and cellular assay development, protein purification, and structural biology. CBC collaborates with multiple scientists across the institution to provide access to chemical probe discovery (hit finding, lead optimization, and in vivo compound selection).

CBC supports investigators within CBT and across St. Jude by developing chemical tools to map disease pathways. The CBC toolbox includes PROTACs, molecular glues, pull-downs, photoaffinity, and imaging probes. The team has experience developing and utilizing biochemical assays, including FP, TR-FRET, AlphaScreen, and cell-based assays to test the compounds developed. 

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Center Staff

Gisele Nishiguchi, PhD – Lead Scientist Directing

Anup Aggarwal, PhD – Scientist

Anang Mayasundari, PhD – Lead Researcher

Marisa Actis, MS – Lead Researcher

Jamie Jarusiewicz, PhD – Lead Researcher