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The Project Management Office (PMO) was established in 2005. The mission of the PMO is to implement project management practices into the probe and drug-discovery processes at St. Jude by enhancing communication and data sharing across project teams, tracking projects, and managing resources. The PMO facilitates work of teams within CBT and across the institution.


The CBT Project Management Office (PMO)

Drug discovery is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary effort. The PMO contributes by using project management methods, concepts, and tools to ensure the success of drug discovery projects. PMO also educates project team members on the benefits of using project management tools.

The team is comprised of Project and Program Managers from CBT and three other Comprehensive Cancer Center programs: Development Biology and Solid Tumor Program (DBSTP), Hematological Malignancies Program (HMP), and Neurobiology and Brain Tumor Program (NBTP). Our inter-departmental team works in a loose matrix environment. This structure benefits from sharing experiences, information, and external networks, and results in more efficient collaboration, improved productivity, and greater efficiency.

Center Staff

Julianne Bryan, PMP
  • Julianne Bryan, PMP
  • PMO Center Director
Asa Karlstrom, PhD, PMP
  • Asa Karlstrom, PhD, PMP
  • Program Manager
Shea Mercer
  • Shea Mercer
  • Research Program Coordinator
Sharnise Mitchell, PhD
  • Sharnise Mitchell, PhD
  • Research Program Manager
Sandi Radko-Juettner
  • Sandi Radko-Juettner
  • Research Program Manager
Meghan Rice, PhD
  • Meghan Rice, PhD
  • DNB Program Manager

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