St. Jude is an international leader in the clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics. St. Jude is using genetic information to understand and predict a patient’s response to drugs, accelerating the migration of research discoveries in the lab to clinical application.

CPIC is an internationally recognized consortium of over 400 national and international clinicians and scientists co-led by St. Jude and Stanford University. CPIC’s goal is to address a major barrier to clinical implementation of pharmacogenomic tests by creating, curating, and posting freely available, peer-reviewed, evidence-based, updatable, and detailed gene/drug clinical practice guidelines.  CPIC also provides resources to facilitate the implementation of pharmacogenetics into routine clinical practice and the electronic health record.


Clinical Pharmacogenomics Program

The goal of the Clinical Pharmacogenomics Program is to provide cutting edge pharmacogenomic care for St. Jude patients while continuing to be an international leader in the implementation of this science and serving as a model for other health-systems. The success of the program relies on collaborations with multiple departments and divisions across the organization and with external experts. The Program includes a team whose focus is to provide tailored personalized dosing to patients based on their germline pharmacogenomic testing results, training the next generation of pharmacogenomics experts, as well as providing pharmacogenomic education resources to patients, their families, and the healthcare community institutionally and globally.

  • Implement

    ...preemptive testing to improve the safety and efficacy of medication use.

  • Educate professional and patients about pharmacogenomics.

  • Train

    ...pharmacogenomics professionals.

  • Disseminate practices and authoritative resources to expand the knowledge base around pharmacogenomic implementation.

PG4KDS (Clinical Implementation of Pharmacogenetics) is the flagship protocol for evaluation and implementation of pharmacogenomic testing in St. Jude patient populations. To date, more than 6,000 patients have undergone genotyping, and 95% have at least one genotype result where a modification of pharmacotherapy is recommended. St. Jude investigators have identified and implemented a record number of gene/drug pairs.

Our Team

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