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Investigators in the Department of Tumor Cell Biology are driven to understand how oncogenes, tumor suppressors, and checkpoint monitors of cellular stress govern tumor initiation, progression, and responses to cancer therapy. Identifying key regulatory proteins, defining their mechanisms of action, and determining how they function within complex signaling networks continues to provide a better understanding of the fundamental processes controlling cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell migration, and metastasis. Emphasis is placed on mouse models of particular pediatric cancers, including medulloblastoma, atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors, neuroblastoma, and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. All faculty members participate in interdepartmental Program Project Grants and basic science programs of the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Tumor Cell Biology

Focus Areas

Unraveling the molecular aspects of protein folding and the biological impact of folding failures.

Understanding structure-function relationships in complex biochemical systems at the single-molecule scale 

Understanding the molecular basis of malignant pediatric brain tumors and developing preclinical pipelines to evaluate therapeutic approaches

Investigating mechanisms by which mitogens relay proliferative signals that affect progression through the mammalian cell division cycle.

Our Faculty

Charles J. Sherr, MD, PhD
Chair, Tumor Cell Biology
Member, St. Jude Faculty 

Martine F. Roussel, PhD
Endowed Chair in Molecular Oncogenesis 
Member, St. Jude Faculty 

Linda Hendershot, PhD
Member, St. Jude Faculty 

Chunliang Li, PhD 
Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty

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262 Danny Thomas Place
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