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The CBT Project Management Office (PMO) consists of a team of scientists with advanced degrees and significant bench research experience in the fields of Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Microbiology, and Pharmacology & Therapeutics. These scientists are skilled in the scientific disciplines that make up the process of drug discovery. All team members are certified by the Project Management Institute or are in the process of attaining certification. 

The CBT Project Management Office (PMO)

The PMO team implements project management practices and methodologies into the translational drug (lead/tool/pre-clinical) discovery process from bench to bedside. The team has designed and built systems that are utilized by scientific project teams across campus. The PMO-created system, is designed to produce an environment that generates knowledge, allows information capture, enhances communication, and provides faster process turnarounds to reduce project timelines. The PMO bridges basic science at the bench, translational preclinical projects leading to pediatric clinical trials. The system adapts to keep pace with the project/program teams’ needs. The Project Managers also facilitate the establishment and tracking of project objectives, milestones, and budgets across multiple concurrent projects. The main role of the Project Manager is to enhance communication, collaboration, and data sharing to fulfill the scope of each project and/or program. The Project Managers work closely with the other CBT Centers, St. Jude Principal Investigators, St. Jude staff, and external collaborators. 

The PMO implements project management practices as defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge® into the drug discovery process. Using the Project Management Institute's standards and practices as a basis, the PMO has created a system, unique to St. Jude, that performs well in an academic research environment. This system and guidelines allow the individual projects’/programs' needs to be met in a manner that generates realistic goals leading to successful outcomes. 


About the Director

Julianne Bryan is a pioneer in the application of project management methodologies to scientific discovery environments. She began using and formalizing project management practices for lead/drug discovery while a bench scientist at Scriptgen Pharmaceuticals in 1997. Julie was instrumental in transforming a proprietary screening technology from theory to practice and ultimately became the HTS Group Leader, managing a team of 20+ scientists. She has been involved with high throughput screening and compound management since the mid-90’s.In 2005, Julie moved to Memphis from Boston, to create, implement, and direct a Project Management Office (PMO) for lead and tool discovery in the Department of Chemical Biology and Therapeutics (CBT) at St. Jude. She is a Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM.) Julie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from Mount Holyoke College.

Julianne Bryan

Center Staff:

  • Asa Karlstrom, PhD, PMP, Program Manager
  • Aman Seth, MBA, PMP, Program Manager
  • Delira Robbins, PhD, Project Manager
  • Sharnise Mitchell, PhD, Project Manager

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