Office of Strategy & Alliances

The Office of Strategy and Alliances (OSA) drives strategic engagement with external stakeholders and facilitates internal coordination to advance the mission of PTNI. OSA is designed to take proactive and innovative approaches to engage key stakeholders across the discovery and development continuum—from patient and community organizations and foundations—to industry – to other health systems, researchers, and clinicians—to policy makers—to ensure PTNI’s efforts can move as swiftly and as effectively as possible to advance promising developments in catastrophic pediatric neurological diseases. Some of the ways in which OSA fulfills its function include connecting with external partners to collaborate on research projects and programs, working with patient advocacy organizations and community groups to ensure the patient voice and experience are integrated into the foundation of our research efforts, and by bringing together various internal and external stakeholders to facilitate cooperation and collective impact. 

From the earliest stages of bench science to clinical trials and experimental therapeutics, PTNI is actively engaged across the discovery and development continuum to change the treatment landscape and improve quality of life for children living with catastrophic neurological diseases. Learn more about PTNI by clicking on the links below.

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