The Center for Pediatric Neurological Disease Research (CPNDR) is tasked with advancing basic research investigating complex, pressing questions relating to pediatric neurological diseases. CPNDR stands as a fundamental program of the PTNI, upstream to the efforts of the Center for Experimental Neurotherapeutics (CENT). CPNDR is the source of discovery –  identifying what genes are involved in disease pathogenesis, what function those genes serve, how mutation in those genes drives disease, and whether we can model these mutations for preclinical evaluation. CPNDR serves as an anchor program with a critical mass of investigator-driven research programs sharing physical proximity and access to specialized resources. CPNDR and CENT engage in bidirectional translational efforts, shepherding molecular clues to therapeutic investigation, and sourcing clinical observations to inform basic research. 

CPNDR faculty take their research cues from pediatric neurological diseases, directing programs intended to discover, define, and alter these disorders. 

Research Faculty


Resources and technologies

CPNDR will implement 3 new resources and technologies to support fundamental research into pediatric neurological disease. Investigators affiliated with CPNDR and CWW have full access to these core centers.

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