About Andrew M. Davidoff

Dr. Andrew Davidoff is a board-certified pediatric surgeon who leads clinical care and translational research efforts at St. Jude through his roles as Chair of the Department of Surgery and Director of Surgical Research. Dr. Davidoff received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania and completed residency training in general surgery at Duke University Medical Center and a fellowship in general and thoracic pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. As a Member of the St. Jude Faculty and a St. Jude Endowed Chair in Surgical Research, Davidoff’s clinical and academic expertise helps advance surgical intervention approaches and uncover new areas of treatment for genetic disorders and pediatric solid tumors.

Photo of Andrew Davidoff

Meet the Team

Penny Cheng, PhD
  • Penny Cheng, PhD
  • Scientist
Dongli Hu
  • Dongli Hu
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Chris Morton
  • Chris Morton
  • Director of Research Operations
Yunyu Spence, PhD
  • Yunyu Spence, PhD
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Allison Woolard
  • Allison Woolard
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  • Junfang Zhou
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