About Guolian Kang

Dr. Guolian Kang leads their laboratory in research that supports the development and application of mathematical/statistical methods to detect genetic and non-genetic factors that affect complex diseases and clinical outcomes. Kang received a PhD from the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences in China and is now an Member of Biostatistics at St. Jude. Kang’s extensive research experience allows them to possess an interdisciplinary knowledge of biostatistics, statistical genetics/genomics, genetic epidemiology, experimental design, and expertise in system modeling of complex traits. This interdisciplinary knowledge is reflected in Kang’s laboratory work, which strives to advance research efforts at St. Jude.

Guolian Kang at desk

Meet the Team

Jeff Gossett
  • Jeff Gossett
  • Senior Biostatistician
Victoria Okhomina
  • Victoria Okhomina
  • Biostatistician
Yunus Olufadi, PhD
  • Yunus Olufadi, PhD
  • Biostatistician