About Peter J. McKinnon

Dr. Peter J. McKinnon received his PhD from the Flinders University of South Australia and completed postdoctoral training at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology in New Jersey. Dr. McKinnon leads a robust research group dedicated to understanding the role of the DNA damage response in the nervous system. He serves as the Director of the Center for Pediatric Neurological Disease Research, part of the groundbreaking Pediatric Translational Neuroscience Initiative at St. Jude, and is an Endowed Chair in Pediatric Neurological Diseases.

photo of Peter McKinnon

Meet the Team

Nader Chalhoub, PhD
  • Nader Chalhoub, PhD
  • Scientist
Susanna Downing
  • Susanna Downing
  • Bioinformatics Analyst
Lavinia Dumitrache PhD
  • Lavinia Dumitrache PhD
  • Scientist
Yang Li
  • Yang Li
  • Lead Researcher
Garrett Weeks
  • Garrett Weeks
  • Researcher
Jingfeng Zhao, PhD
  • Jingfeng Zhao, PhD
  • Scientist