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Classification of Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia by Gene Expression Profile

 Data Files
  Chip A Chip B
U133_BCR_composite.xls 22mb (.xls) FTP (.xls) 20mb (.xls) FTP (.xls)
U133_E2A_composite.xls 25mb (.xls) FTP (.xls) 23mb (.xls) FTP (.xls)
U133_Hd50_composite1.xls 24mb (.xls) FTP (.xls) 23mb (.xls) FTP (.xls)
U133_MLL_composite.xls 27mb (.xls) FTP (.xls) 25mb (.xls) FTP (.xls)
U133_other_composite.xls 35mb (.xls) FTP (.xls) 33mb (.xls) FTP (.xls)
U133_T-ALL_composite.xls 21mb (.xls) FTP (.xls) 19mb (.xls) FTP (.xls)
U133_TEL_composite.xls 27mb (.xls) FTP (.xls) 25mb (.xls) FTP (.xls)
Raw CEL files
  Chip A Chip B
BCR_ABL 48mb (.zip) FTP (.zip) 48mb (.zip) FTP (.zip)
E2A_PBX1 56mb (.zip) FTP (.zip) 56mb (.zip) FTP (.zip)
Hyperdip > 50 55mb (.zip) FTP (.zip) 54mb (.zip) FTP (.zip)
MLL 62mb (.zip) FTP (.zip) 62mb (.zip) FTP (.zip)
TEL-AML1 63mb (.zip) FTP (.zip) 63mb (.zip) FTP (.zip)
T-ALL 45mb (.zip) FTP (.zip) 45mb (.zip) FTP (.zip)
Others 88mb (.zip) FTP (.zip) 87mb (.zip) FTP (.zip)