About Wilburn Reddick, PhD

Dr. Wilburn Reddick is Interim Chief of the Diagnostic Imaging Research Section, Director of the Structural and Connectivity Imaging Research (SCIR) Hub and a Member in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging. Dr. Reddick started his career at St. Jude as a scientific programmer in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging after receiving his PhD in electrical engineering from Memphis State University. Over the years, Dr. Reddick has held faculty positions within Diagnostic Imaging where he guided translational imaging research programs that advanced the field as well as care to patients. Dr. Reddick holds memberships to several professional societies, such as the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Organization for Human Brain Mapping, and Children’s Oncology Group. Through his expansive career and advanced expertise in medical imaging, Dr. Reddick continues to lead research and care efforts at St. Jude and beyond. 

Science Team

Meet the Team

John Glass
  • John Glass
  • Supervisor of Signal Processing
Kathy Jordan
  • Kathy Jordan
  • Advanced Signal Processing Technician
Rajikha Raja, PhD
  • Rajikha Raja, PhD
  • Medical Imaging Scientist
Rhonda Simmons
  • Rhonda Simmons
  • Advanced Signal Processing Technician
Ruitian (Ray) Song, PhD
  • Ruitian (Ray) Song, PhD
  • Imaging Research Scientist