About P. David Rogers

Dr. P. David Rogers currently serves as Chair of the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at St. Jude and holds the St. Jude Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is an accomplished clinician scientist with more than two decades of experience in antifungal pharmacotherapy. Dr. Rogers maintains fruitful collaborative efforts within and outside the institution as he directs discovery efforts to elucidate the molecular and genetic basis of fungal pathogen resistance. He has been continually funded by the NIH since 2000 and is the recipient of over $12 million in NIH funding as a principal investigator. In 2021, Dr. Rogers was recognized with the American College of Clinical Pharmacy’s Russell R. Miller Award and Therapeutics Frontiers Lecture Award. Dr. Rogers is a distinguished alumnus of University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Graduate Studies in Health Sciences and recognized for his teaching excellence at UTHSC. 

Science Team

Meet the Team

Kathy Barker, PhD
  • Kathy Barker, PhD
  • Senior Scientist
Laura Doorley
  • Laura Doorley
  • Graduate Student
Ana Oliveira Souza, PhD
  • Ana Oliveira Souza, PhD
  • Scientist
Qing Zhang
  • Qing Zhang
  • Lead Researcher