About Martine F. Roussel

Dr. Martine F. Roussel is a pioneer in the field of molecular oncology and translation cancer research, having discovered some of the earliest recognized retroviral oncogenes and defined central elements in cell cycle regulation. Born and educated in France, with research experiences spanning the globe, Dr. Roussel carved an impressive path that has shattered glass ceilings and earned renowned honors. Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2011, National Academy of Science in 2019 and a Fellow of the AACR in 2021, Dr. Roussel continues her long-standing and illustrious career at St. Jude driving discovery, creating clinical impact, and inspiring the next generation of scientists. Dr. Roussel is a transformative force in the pediatric brain tumor community thanks not only to her robust research portfolio, but her commitment to mentorship and training.

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About Charles Sherr

Dr. Charles J. Sherr has made seminal contributions to the understanding of oncogenes and tumor suppressors, the mechanics of cell division cycle control, and how key cell cycle regulators are perturbed in cancer. His accomplishments have justly earned his election to the AAAS, to the National Academies of Science and Medicine, and as an Inaugural Fellow of AACR, among notable other awards and appointments. Dr. Sherr was the recipient of continuous, unfettered support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for 30 years until he transitioned to emeritus status in 2019. In partnership with longtime collaborator and spouse, Dr. Martine Roussel, Dr. Sherr transformed the basic and translational pediatric cancer research landscape of St. Jude.

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Meet the Team

 Ayush Attery, PhD
  • Ayush Attery, PhD
  • Lead Researcher
Dana Farmer
  • Dana Farmer
  • Senior Researcher
Vanshita Goel, PhD
  • Vanshita Goel, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jose Grenet
  • Jose Grenet
  • Lead Researcher
 Qianqian Li, PhD
  • Qianqian Li, PhD
  • Lead Researcher
Kimberly Shea Mercer
  • Kimberly Shea Mercer
  • Lead Researcher
Audrey Mercier, PhD
  • Audrey Mercier, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Sarah Robinson
  • Sarah Robinson
  • Senior Research Services Technologist
Charles J. Sherr, MD, PhD
  • Charles J. Sherr, MD, PhD
  • Member, St. Jude Faculty
  • Chair, Tumor Cell Biology Department
  • Herrick Foundation Chair
Gintvile Valinciute, PhD
  • Gintvile Valinciute, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Justin Williams, PhD
  • Justin Williams, PhD
  • Lead Bioinformatics Analyst
Frederique Zindy, PhD
  • Frederique Zindy, PhD
  • Scientist

Lab Alumni

Barbara Jonchere, PhD

  • Role: Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • Post-lab experience: Biopharmaceuticals Project Manager for Europe, Polepharma, Chartres, France