About Anang Shelat

Dr. Anang Shelat is an expert in chemical informatics and assay development, with an expanding portfolio of innovative and collaborative research efforts. His scientific journey began at Harvard, continued at UCSF, and ultimately led to postdoc fellowship and faculty appointment at St. Jude. Dr. Shelat and his team developed invaluable analytical tools for drug screening that have helped shape preclinical therapeutic development, and clinical efforts, across the hematological, brain, and solid tumor landscape. Insightful, energetic, and meticulous, Dr. Shelat is highly regarded across the institution as an extraordinary research partner. He also serves as director of the Lead Discovery Informatics Center in the Department of CBT.

image of Anang Shelat

Meet the Team

Brandon Bianski
  • Brandon Bianski
  • Lead Researcher
Rebekah DeVries
  • Rebekah DeVries
  • Lead Researcher
Liying Fan, PhD
  • Liying Fan, PhD
  • Lead Researcher
FNU (Mohammad Zahid) Mohammad Zahid Kamran
  • FNU (Mohammad Zahid) Mohammad Zahid Kamran
  • Lead Researcher
Dipranjan Laha, PhD
  • Dipranjan Laha, PhD
  • Scientist
Anasuya Pal, PhD
  • Anasuya Pal, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Alaa Refaat, PhD
  • Alaa Refaat, PhD
  • Scientist
Supriya Sarvode, MD
  • Supriya Sarvode, MD
  • Clinical MD Fellow
Evan Savage
  • Evan Savage
  • Bioinformatics Research Scientist
Christopher Tinkle, MD, PhD
  • Christopher Tinkle, MD, PhD
  • Co-Principal Investigator