About Elaine I. Tuomanen

Dr. Elaine I. Tuomanen earned her BS and MD from McGill University in Montreal before completing pediatric infectious diseases fellowship training at the University of Virginia and the Rockefeller University. She then served as a faculty member and the head of the Laboratory of Molecular Infectious Diseases at Rockefeller University before joining St. Jude in 1997. Dr. Tuomanen leads an innovative research program that focuses on the pathogenesis of Streptococcus pneumoniae and how that bacterium invades the human host and leads to disease. 

Photo of Elaine Tuomanen sitting at a table.

Meet the Team

Geli Gao, MD
  • Geli Gao, MD
  • Scientist
William MacCain, PhD
  • William MacCain, PhD
  • Senior Scientist
Beth Mann, BS
  • Beth Mann, BS
  • Sr. Scientist