The Cell and Tissue Imaging Center is a fully staffed microscopy core facility available to all St. Jude researchers. It offers access to a broad spectrum of sophisticated technologies for light microscopy, electron microscopy and image analysis.

Expert professional staff are on hand to assist throughout the experimental process up to the point of publication. As well as operating instruments, helping with sample preparation and performing analyses, staff can help select the best imaging strategies to answer specific research questions. In-depth training is also offered.

The Light Microscopy and Electron Microscopy divisions within the center collaborate on correlated imaging for projects that require individual samples to be imaged using both techniques. Costs are heavily subsidized by the institution to speed discovery.

reconstruction of retina

Outer plexiform layer of retina

Sample courtesy of Dr. Michael Dyer

electron micrograph of retina

Rod synapse from retina

Sample courtesy of Dr. Michael Dyer

fruit fly ovary

Drosophila ovary

Photo by Jonathan Klein and Jamy Peng

3D reconstcution of cells

Drosophila cells showing cytonemes

Sample courtesy of Dr. Stacy Ogden

3D reconstcution of cells

Adherent cells

Sample courtesy of Dr. Doug Green

mouse drg

Dorsal root ganglia

Photo by Yelda Serinagaoglu and Xinwei Cao

osteosarcoma cells

SIM super resolution (upper) and standard (lower) fluorescence images of osteosarcoma cells labeled for DNA (blue), mitochondria (amber), microtubules (green), and microfilaments (white). 

Photo by Aaron Pitre

fruit fly head

Lightsheet imaging of Drosophila fly head

Photo by Courtney Akitaki and Kent Brown

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