The CAB is an institutional shared resource, with the mission to provide state-of-the-art bioinformatics services to St. Jude investigators. The group maintains the highest level of scientific rigor by carefully vetting and documenting all bioinformatics methods and pipelines. The CAB consults with investigators on optimal experimental design for informatics analysis, develops world-class, open-access computational pipelines, and trains St. Jude investigators at all levels in standard analyses.

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CAB advocates for an open-science culture to help cultivate a highly collaborative environment for scientific research. The group is credited with contributions to over 150 peer-reviewed publications from investigators across St. Jude and is one of the most frequently identified essential resources. CAB is tightly integrated with the Hartwell Center for Biotechnology, providing uniform, automated data mapping and storage to facilitate downstream analysis. CAB maintains the common reference annotation and datasets shared across the institution. All methods developed by CAB are shared with the international bioinformatics community.


The CAB is working FANTASTIC. We are really benefiting and value all the interactions…The collaboration and expertise has really been superb.

Mark Hatley, Associate Member

Collaborative team

  • Bioinformatics DevOps: focuses on the development of open access pipelines, databases and web applications to track project and data from St. Jude investigators running through CAB pipelines
  • Transcriptomics Group: focuses on the quantification and dynamics of various RNA molecules in the transcriptomic assays, at both bulk and single cell RNA levels
  • Epigenetics Group: focuses on how various epigenetic modifications regulate RNA expression, including DNA methylation, chromatin opening, transcription-factor binding, histone modification and chromatin-chromatin interactions
  • Genomics Group: focuses on germline and somatic genome variations, comparative and evolutionary genomics, viral genomics and meta-genomics
  • Genetics Group: focuses on the association of inherited or acquired genetic variations with clinical or phenotypic traits in human or other model-organism studies
  • Bioinformatics Platform Development: focuses on developing a bioinformatics workflow framework that can be run on both on-premises HPC cluster and cloud environment


  • Organizing and maintaining consistently processed genomics data from public and internal sources
  • Evaluating bioinformatics data from various technology platforms and associated computational algorithms, methods and workflows
  • Developing bioinformatics pipelines and workflows for common and advanced analyses to share with the research community
  • Offering bioinformatics training opportunities such as educational seminars and hands-on workshops.

We are learning cutting-edge technology all the time. It's not purely because it's our job or duty or responsibility to learn cutting-edge technology. I feel like people are passionate about that, and we really want to learn, understand and apply the technology to our research here.

Wenjie Qi, PhD, bioinformatics research scientist at CAB


Geoffrey Neale

Gang Wu, PhD

Director, CAB
Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty