The Clinical Biomarkers Lab (CBL) fulfills a unique mission to enable primary investigators [particularly those who may not have their own lab] to conduct correlative science studies for clinical trials at St. Jude. We provide expert advice, technological and experimental expertise to perform molecular assays and flow cytometry. We also develop and implement new assays to support investigator-led efforts. Support extends throughout the entire research process, from initial study design to protocol development, to implementation and interpretation of results. 

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Biorepository Overview


The CBL is proud to serve the mission of St. Jude, advancing fundamental laboratory-based research efforts to accelerate the advancement of cures for pediatric cancers. Our work also supports efforts to understand the toxicity of cancer therapy, and to enhance the quality of life for those who survive childhood cancer. 


We provide a specialized service for St. Jude investigators to facilitate molecular translational research within prospective clinical trials.

 Ruth Tatevossian, Director

Services and capabilities

  • Nucleic acid extraction and quantification
  • Protein extraction and analysis 
  • Multiplex immunoassays
  • TARC ELISA assay
  • RELPALL flow assay
  • RT-PCR quantitative assays
  • In development: Cell-free DNA analyses and capture-based sequencing


Image of Ruth Tatevossian

Ruth Tatevossian, MD, PhD