Pharmacokinetics Shared Resource

Overview: The Pharmacokinetics Shared Resource objectives are to facilitate proper pharmacokinetic study design; the efficient and proper collection and handling of biological samples for clinical pharmacokinetic studies; implementation and quality control of sensitive and specific analyses of those samples for anticancer drugs, their metabolites, or other relevant pharmacologic indices; and biomedical modeling of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data.

Functions and Usage:

  • Assist investigators with implementation of clinical protocols involving PK/PD studies, including assisting with study design and optimal sampling
  • Ensure efficient and proper acquisition and initial processing of biological samples for clinical PK/PD research studies (centralized receiving, initial processing, storage, and distribution)
  • Analytical assay implementation, validation, and ongoing quality control
  • Develop and apply novel biomedical modeling


  • Applied Biosystems SCIEX Triple Quad 5500 LC-MS/MS System 
  • Waters UPLC-Xevo MS/MS System
  • Access to additional LC/MS-MS and HPLC Systems

Impact: The PKSR facilitates and centralizes high-quality competitively funded peer-reviewed pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic research in both clinical and pre-clinical models at St. Jude. Working with investigators and clinicians across the institution, the PKSR has been acknowledged on over 500 peer-reviewed publications for intellectual and technical contributions.