The Pharmacokinetics Shared Resource’s objectives are to facilitate appropriate pharmacokinetic study design; the efficient and proper collection and handling of biological samples for clinical pharmacokinetic studies; development or implementation of bioanalytical methods and quality control of sensitive and specific analyses of those samples for anticancer drugs, their metabolites, or other relevant pharmacologic indices; and biomedical modeling of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data.

Biorepository Overview
Biorepository Overview


The PKSR facilitates and centralizes high-quality competitively funded peer-reviewed clinical  pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic research in both clinical and pre-clinical models at St. Jude. Working with investigators and clinicians across the institution, the PKSR has been acknowledged on over 180 peer-reviewed publications in the past 10 years for intellectual and technical contributions.


As the PI of complex clinical trials, such as SJDAWN and SJMB12, I recognize the importance pharmacokinetic studies play in determining if the medicine is getting to our patient’s cancer in appropriate concentrations. Having the PKSR, here at St Jude, means that not only do we get incredible in-house expertise to measure drug concentrations in our patients but that we also get state-of-the art sample receipt, processing, storage, and distribution whenever needed.  This is an essential resource to support our trials and, most importantly, to help improve therapy.

Dr. Giles Robinson, Associate Member

Functions and usage

  • Assist investigators with implementation of clinical protocols involving PK/PD studies, including assisting with study design and optimal sampling
  • Ensure efficient and proper appropriate acquisition and initial processing of biological samples for clinical PK/PD research studies (centralized receiving, initial processing, storage, and distribution)
  • BioaAnalytical assay development or implementation, validation, and ongoing quality control
  • Develop and apply novel biomedical modeling


  • Applied Biosystems SCIEX Triple Quad 5500 LC-MS/MS System 
  • Waters UPLC-Xevo MS/MS System
  • Access to additional LC/MS-MS and HPLC Systems


Clinton Stewart

Markos Leggas, PhD

Kristine Crews

Kristine Crews, PharmD