NLRP12 Activators and Screening Tool (SJ-23-0016)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-23-0016


Cytosolic innate immune sensors are critical for host defense and form complexes, such as inflammasomes and PANoptosomes, that induce inflammatory cell death. The sensor NLRP12 is associated with infectious and inflammatory diseases, but there was not a way to activate NLRP12.

Researchers at St. Jude identified NLRP12 as an essential cytosolic sensor for heme plus PAMPs-mediated PANoptosis, inflammation, and pathology. They have both ligands for activation, and an assay and readouts for activation. The unique ligand combinations and the downstream markers of activation which can be used as a readout, provides the first platform for NLRP12 inhibitor screening. Further research is ongoing.



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Balamurugan Sundaram, Nagakannan Pandian, Raghvendra Mall, Yaqiu Wang, Roman Sarkar, Hee Jin Kim, R.K. Subbarao Malireddi, Rajendra Karki, Laura J. Janke, Peter Vogel, Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, “NLRP12-PANoptosome activates PANoptosis and pathology in response to heme and PAMPs,” Cell, Volume 186, Issue 13, 2023, Pages 2783-2801.e20, ISSN 0092-8674,

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We are seeking a partner to develop activated NLRP12 for infection, damaged cell, or tumor clearance, and/or to identify and develop therapeutics to inhibit NLRP12-mediated diseases, such as hemolytic diseases, complications from infections, and inflammatory syndromes (like cytokine storms or release syndrome).  Contact:

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