Contact the Office of Technology Licensing

Group of people standing in front of Marlo Thomas Center

From left: Chad Riggs, Marketing Associate; Esther Allay, Senior Licensing Associate; Regina McKinney, Coordinator, Departmental Finance; Scott Elmer, Director; Shawn Hawkins, Associate Director; Sheila Wilson, Administrative Specialist.

The Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) oversees the patenting and licensing of technologies developed by the faculty and staff of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in order to promote development of drugs, diagnostic assays and other products of benefit to the public. Additionally, the OTL is responsible for negotiating and authorizing the transfer of research materials into and out of St. Jude. Companies and research investigators from outside of St. Jude are welcome to contact the OTL regarding St. Jude's standard terms and policies for technology transfer. The OTL is the only party authorized to negotiate and finalize these agreements on behalf of St. Jude.

Contact the Office of Technology Licensing (Phone: 901-595-2342, Fax: 901-595-3148) for more information.



Photo of Scott Elmer
Scott Elmer, JD


Scott came to St. Jude in 2001 as a practicing patent attorney (private law firm and corporate) since 1992. Prior to that he was as a molecular biologist.

photo of Shawn Hawkins
Shawn Hawkins

Associate Director

Before joining the OTL in 1997, Shawn was a research technologist in Biochemistry and Tumor Cell Biology. She has a BS in Biology, an MBA, and is a registered patent agent.

photo of  Esther Allay
Esther Allay

Sr. Licensing Associate 

Before joining the OTL in 2002, Esther was a research technologist in Experimental Hematology. She obtained a BS and MS in Biology, and handles the transfer of materials.

photo of Chad Riggs
Chad Riggs

Marketing Associate

Before joining the OTL in 2013, Chad created 3D content with his BS in Engineering Design, and helped national laboratories, technology startups and VC firms to market with his MBA.

photo of Regina McKinney
Regina McKinney

Coordinator, Departmental Finance 

Regina began working at St. Jude in 1994 in the Administration Office, and has been with the OTL 1995. Regina handles royalty allocations and licensing income.

photo of Sheila Wilson
Sheila Wilson

Administrative Specialist

Sheila began working at St. Jude in 2000. She manages day to day operations and is the first point of contact for scheduling appointments. She can also be contacted for notary services.


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is a Tennessee, not-for-profit corporation and is a signatory to the terms of the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) as maintained at the Association of University Technology Managers' (AUTM) website.