Plate stage for drug screening systems (SJ-22-0031)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-22-0031


During automated drug screens, correctly sealing the screening plates in a seamless and high throughput manner is critical for quality and productivity. While the plates are a standard width and length, the skirt height of the plates vary and present a challenge to the industry standard laboratory automation plate sealer. Researchers at St. Jude created a device to standardize the plate heights in drug screening machines, which allows correct sealing of different manufacture's plates by changing the support stage to accommodate different plate types during an automation process. This universal plate stage is designed to accommodate screening plates with the various skirt heights used in automated screening system to increase productivity and quality. Also, this invention solves the issue that causes robot move errors for high-skirt plates in robot integrated settings.


Automated drug screens, seal screening plates, high throughput, skirt height, stage 

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