SJ293TS-DPB Cells for Lentiviral Vector Production (SJ-24-0024)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-24-0024


Researchers have derived a new clonal cell line, SJ293TS-DPB (SJ293TS-delta-PKR,- B2M), for the production of lentiviral vectors.  This cell line grows in suspension using serum-free media making the production scheme amenable to large scale cGMP manufacturing of lentiviral vectors.  The absence of Protein Kinase R in these cells allows for high titer manufacturing of anti-sense lentiviral vectors.  In addition, knocking out expression of Beta-2 microglobulin (B2M) prevents transfer of this membrane protein, a key component of MHC-class I molecules, to viral particles.  Previous reports have shown that viral particles containing B2M are more immunogenic than B2M-negative particles.  Thus, this cell line may be better suited for producing clinical-grade lentiviral particles used for in vivo CAR T manufacturing.

Advantages of the cell line include allowing for high titer anti-sense lentiviral vector production (7-fold higher than wild-type 293T cells), amenable to large-scale cGMP manufacturing of viral vectors, and well-suited to support in vivo CAR-T cell manufacturing. 



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Bauler M, Ferrara F, Lowe B, Beard JA, Wincek C, Wielgosz MM, Park JJ, Shang N, Nandy S, Li C, Langfitt DM, Zhou S, Throm RE, Genetic Alteration of SJ293TS Cells and Modification of Serum-Free Media Enhances Lentiviral Vector Production, Molecular Therapy: Methods & Clinical Development (2024), doi:

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