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POE Lunch & Learn Series 2023

The POE Lunch & Learn series is required for all POE students. All St. Jude personnel are most welcome to attend. Attendees are to bring their own lunch. The location will vary, but will be announced in St. Jude Today.

Date Speaker  Topic
Tue 5/30 Victor Santana, MD  St. Jude: Past, Present, and Future 
Wed 5/31 Raul Ribeiro, MD Pediatric Leukemia
Thu 6/1 Gabriela Gheorghe, MD The Laboratory Diagnosis of Pediatric Leukemias
Fri 6/2 Mark Mercurio, MD, MA
Yale University School of Medicine
Ethical Issues in Novel Treatments of Rare Diseases
Mon 6/5 Charles Rock, PhD Responsible Conduct of Research
Tue 6/6
Gabriela Maron Alfaro, MD Ethical Issues in Pediatric Research 
Wed 6/7 Alberto Pappo, MD Pediatric Body Tumors
Thu 6/8 Todd Tillmanns, MD, FACOG, West Cancer Center & Research Institute  Adult Oncology
Fri 6/9 Motomi Mori, PhD, MBA Biostatistics
Mon 6/12 Andrew Davidoff, MD Surgical Oncology
Tue 6/13 Frederick Boop, MD Pediatric Brain and Spine (CNS) Tumor Surgery
Wed 6/14 St. Jude Panelists St. Jude Career Paths
Thu 6/15

Gerard Zambetti, PhD

The p53 Tumor Suppressor Signaling Pathway and Cancer
Fri 6/17 Brent Orr, MD, PhD The Role of the Surgical Pathologist in Pediatric Cancer Diagnosis 
Mon 6/19 St. Jude Holiday  
Tue 6/20 Joseph Sciasci, PharmD Chemotherapy in Pediatric Oncology
Thu 6/22 St. Jude Graduate School Deans The St. Jude Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 
Fri 6/23 Jinghui Zhang, PhD Computational Biology in Cancer Research
Mon 6/26 Victoria Willard, PhD and Lisa Jacola, PhD   Psychology in Pediatric Oncology
Tue 6/27 Michael Frett, MD Anesthesia and Pain Management in Pediatric Oncology
Wed 6/28 Christopher Tinkle, MD, PhD Radiation Therapy in Pediatric Oncology
Thu 6/29 Jamie Flerlage, MD, MS Pediatric Lymphomas
Fri 6/30 Suzanne Baker, PhD Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Vulnerabilities in Infant High-Grade Glioma
Mon 7/3 St. Jude holiday  
Tue 7/4 St. Jude holiday  
Wed 7/5 Paulina Velasquez, MD and Swati Naik, MBBS Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy
Thu 7/6 Paul Thomas, PhD Immunotherapy in the treatment of pediatric cancer 
Fri 7/7 Beth McCarville, MD  Diagnostic Imaging in Pediatric Oncology
Mon 7/10 Hana Hakim, MD Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Oncology
Tue 7/11 Douglas Green, PhD Six Impossible Things
Wed 7/12 Clifford Takemoto, MD Sickle Cell Disease
Thu 7/13 Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD  Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Worldwide: the St. Jude Contribution
Fri 7/14 Stephanie Dixon, MD Late Effects in Childhood Cancer Survivors: The Cost of Cure
Mon 7/17 Charles Mullighan, MBBS(Hons), MSc, MD The Genetics of Leukemia
Tue 7/18 Diego Hijano, MD, MSc  The SARS-CoV-2 (COVOD-19) Pandemic
Wed 7/19 Richard Webby, PhD SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccine Development
Thu 7/20 Justin Baker, MD, FAAP, FAAHPM Integrating Palliative Care into Pediatric Oncology Practice
Fri 7/21 POE project reports Bartholomew, Bondrowski, Hancock 
Mon 7/24 POE project reports Creed, Hurt, Prayaga 
Tue 7/25 POE project reports Alexander, Miller, Thompson 
Wed 7/26 POE project reports Cravo, Hanna, Wells 
Thu 7/27 POE project reports Bravo Carretero, Heyn, Kelley
Fri 7/28 POE project reports Guyton, Hartman, Li
Mon 7/31 POE project reports Byrd, Cates, Chandra, Davis, Pan 
Tue 8/1 POE project reports Bridgers, Dominguez, Gillespie,  Trentham 
Wed 8/2 POE project reports Hagewood, Hernandez-Garcia, Kulkarni, Mummareddy 
Thu 8/3 POE project reports Escalera-Joy, Figueroa Guzman, Hart, Rogers, Berry 
Fri 8/4 POE project reports Caldwell, Kocinsky, Marrero Sepulveda, Webb,  Zhu 
Tue 8/8 POE project reports Nguyen, Rose, Quesada-Stoner, Shah 
Wed 8/9 POE project reports Baker, Throm, Wang 
Thu 8/10 POE project reports Amaefuna, Killanin