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Charles O. Rock, PhD †
Charles O. Rock, PhD †

Charles O. Rock, PhD †

  • Member, St. Jude Faculty, 1980-2023



BS – Colorado State University, Ft. Collins (1971)
PhD – University of Tennessee at Oak Ridge (1976)

Honors & Awards

  • 2020 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 

Research Interests

  • Control points in fatty acid biosynthesis
  • Regulation of membrane phospholipid metabolism
  • Small molecule therapeutics

Selected Publications

Leonardi R, Subramanian C, Jackowski S, Rock CO. Cancer-associated isocitrate dehydrogenase mutations inactivate NADPH-dependent reductive carboxylation. J Biol Chem 287(18):14615-14620, 2012.

Parsons JB, Frank MW, Subramanian C, Saenkham P, Rock CO. Metabolic basis for the differential susceptibility of Gram-positive pathogens to fatty acid synthesis inhibitors. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA August 29, 2011.

Leonardi R, Zhang YM, Yun MK, Zhou R, Zeng FY, Lin W, Cui J, Chen T, Rock CO, White SW, Jackowski S. Modulation of pantothenate kinase 3 activity by small molecules that interact with the substrate/allosteric regulatory domain. Chem Biol 17(8):892-902, 2010.

Miller DJ, Zhang YM, Subramanian C, Rock CO, White SW. Structural basis for the transcriptional regulation of membrane lipid homeostasis. Nat Struct Mol Biol 17(8):971-975, 2010.

Leonardi R, Rehg JE, Rock CO, Jackowski S. Pantothenate kinase 1 is required to support the metabolic transition from the fed to the fasted state. PLoS One 5(6):e11107, 2010.

Jerga A, Miller DJ, White SW, Rock CO. Molecular determinants for interfacial binding and conformational change in a soluble diacylglycerol kinase. J Biol Chem 284:7246-7254, 2009.

Jerga A, Rock CO. Acyl-acyl acrrier protein regulates transcription of fatty acid biosynthetic genes via the FabT repressor in Streptococcus pneumoniaeJ Biol Chem 284:15364-15368, 2009.

Wu B-N, Zhang Y-M, Rock CO, Zheng J. Structural modification of acyl carrier protein by butyryl group. Prot Sci 18:240-246, 2009.

Zhang Y-M, Rock CO. Transcriptional regulation in bacterial membrane lipid synthesis. J Lipid Res 50:S115-S119, 2009.

Zhu K, Rock CO. RhlA converts β-hydroxyacyl-acyl carrier protein intermediates in fatty acid synthesis to the β-hydroxydecanoyl-β-hydroxydecanoate component of rhamnolipids inPseudomonas aeruginosaJ Bacteriol 190:3147-3154, 2008.

Zhang Y-M, Frank M, Zhu K, Mayasundari A, Rock CO. PqsD is responsible for the synthesis of 2,4-dihydroxyquinoline, an extracellular metabolite produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosaJ Biol Chem 283:28788-28794, 2008.

Zhang Y-M, Rock CO. Acyltransferases in bacterial glycerophospholipid synthesis. J Lipid Res 49:1867-1874, 2008.

Grimes KD, Lu, Y-J, Zhang Y-M, Luna VA, Hurdle JG, Carson EI, Qi J, Kudrimoti S, Rock CO, Lee RE. Novel acylphosphate mimetics target PlsY, an essential acyltransferase in gram-positive bacteria. Chem Med Chem 3:1936-1945, 2008.

Zhang Y-M, Rock CO. Membrane lipid homeostasis in bacteria. Nat Rev Microbiol 6:222-233, 2008.

Miller DJ, Jerga A, Rock CO, White SW. Analysis of the Staphylococcus aureus DgkB structure reveals a common catalytic mechanism for the soluble diacylglycerol kinases. Structure 16:1036-1046, 2008.

Zhang YM, Chohnan S, Virga KG, Stevens RD, Ilkayeva OR, Wenner BR, Bain JR, Newgard CB, Lee RE, Rock CO, Jackowski S. Chemical knockout of pantothenate kinase reveals the metabolic and genetic program responsible for hepatic coenzyme A homeostasis. Chem Biol 14:291-302, 2007.

Zhang Y-M, Zhu K, Frank MW, Rock CO. A Pseudomonas aeruginosa transcription factor that senses fatty acid structure. Molec Microbiol 66:622-632, 2007.

Yun MK, Nourse A, White SW, Rock CO, Heath RJ. Crystal structure and allosteric regulation of the cytoplasmic Escherichia coli L-asparaginase I. J Mol Biol 369:794-811, 2007.

Paoletti L, Lu Y-J, Schujman GE, de Mendoza D, Rock CO. Coupling of fatty acid and phospholipid synthesis in Bacillus subtilisJ Bacteriol 189:5816-5824, 2007.

Lu Y-J, Zhang F, Grimes KD, Lee RE, Rock CO. Topology and active site of PlsY: the bacterial acylphosphate:glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase. J Biol Chem 282:11339-11346, 2007.

Leonardi R, Rock CO, Jackowski S, Zhang Y-M. Activation of human mitochondrial pantothenate kinase 2 by palmitoylcarnitine. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 104:1494-1499, 2007.

Leonardi R, Zhang YM, Lykidis A, Rock CO, Jackowski S. Localization and regulation of mouse pantothenate kinase 2. FEBS Lett 581:4639-4644, 2007.

Jerga A, Lu Y-J, Schujman GE, de Mendoza D, Rock CO. Identification of a soluble diacylglycerol kinase required for lipoteichoic acid production in Bacillus subtilisJ Biol Chem 282:21738-21745, 2007.

Hong BS, Senisterra G, Rabeh WM, Vedadi M, Leonardi R, Zhang YM, Rock CO, Jackowski S, Park HW. Crystal structures of human pantothenate kinases. Insights into allosteric regulation and mutations linked to a neurodegeneration disorder. J Biol Chem 282:27984-27993, 2007.

Last update: June 2012