Afterschool Clubs

The St. Jude STEMM Club is an afterschool program for fifth-grade students of all ability levels. The club’s goal is to increase students’ critical thinking skills and interest in STEMM through hands-on projects and challenges.

Learning in the club begins with an exploration of a patient case study. 

Example: Students take on the role of physician scientists to diagnose a patient with osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone. The students also learn about several treatment options for these patients. Many children with osteosarcoma require either partial or full amputation of the affected body part. This might result in the need for a prosthetic. Students learn about the challenges of designing prosthetics for young patients who are still growing. As part of the process, students design a functioning prosthetic hand using everyday materials.

Leadership Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Scientists

The opportunity to lead STEMM education and outreach activities provides undergraduate and graduate scientists with important scientific and leadership skills such as science communication, troubleshooting, and flexible thinking. It also provides younger learners with college-aged role models. For this reason, the St. Jude STEMM Education and Outreach Program engages undergraduate and graduate students from local universities to facilitate afterschool STEMM programs at elementary and middle schools.

Undergraduate and graduate STEMM majors from local universities are selected to serve as instructional facilitators for the St. Jude afterschool clubs.

Each of the club facilitators is assigned to four school sites each semester, meeting with all four schools one day each week (Monday–Thursday) for 10 weeks. Each facilitator agrees to commit to the entire program. Club facilitators receive a multi-day formal training on the club curriculum.

Kindergarten Infectious Diseases and Wellness Collaborative

The Kindergarten Infectious Diseases and Wellness Collaborative partners with kindergarten teachers in the Memphis area to enhance science education practices and curricula for early learners. Through collaboration from partnering teachers, scientists, and education researchers, we create learning modules that integrate science learning with English language arts, math, and social and emotional learning. This in-school curriculum is teacher-led in which the texts and materials are provided to the partnering schools.

St. Jude Community Health Clubs

Through St. Jude Community Health Clubs, students in grades 6–8 develop interventions to reduce cancer health disparities in their communities. St. Jude conducts this program in partnership with Memphis-Shelby County Schools.

STEMM Education in the Classroom Loan Kits

K–12 educators use curricular materials in St. Jude STEMM Education in the Classroom Loan Kits to enhance science education through STEMM-related concepts. Kits are available in select schools across the country.

St. Jude Science Ambassadors Program

The St. Jude Science Ambassadors Program is designed to inspire Memphis-area K-12 students to pursue cancer research careers by connecting them with positive, relatable scientific role models. St. Jude scientists organize and participate in activities at local schools and libraries (e.g., career talks, DNA Day, science fair judging). St. Jude Science Ambassadors are available to visit schools in the Memphis area. Virtual visits are available in regions surrounding our affiliate clinics.

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