About St. Jude STEMM Education and Outreach Program

A diverse biomedical workforce is essential to providing high quality patient care. Yet, women and people of color remain underrepresented in the biomedical workforce. These disparities are the result of persisting inequities in K-16 science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine (STEMM) education that exclude women and people of color from biomedical career pathways, such as lack of culturally responsive pedagogy, lack of access and opportunity to participate in authentic STEMM learning, and lack of mentorship.

Our activities focus on addressing these inequities through:

  • School and educator partnerships
  • Out-of-School time (OST) science learning opportunities
  • Mentored research experiences
  • Public policy and advocacy

Related topics

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Policy and advocacy

to gain political commitment, policy support, social acceptance and system support to address inequities in STEMM education

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Teacher professional development

to ensure that teachers have the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to prepare students for careers in biomedical research

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Exposure events

to generate awareness and excitement around STEMM programs and careers

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Afterschool clubs

to increase engagement with STEMM through hands-on, minds-on activities related to real-world scenarios

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Curriculum collaboratives

to work with classroom teachers to co-create learning activities that will engage students and integrate St. Jude science into the school day

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Research immersion programs

to provide students with access and opportunity to work directly with scientists who serve as their mentors

Strategic Vision and Goals

Inspired by our St. Jude value to “embrace the challenge to create a new tomorrow,” the vision for the St.Jude STEMM Education and Outreach Program is to ensure every child has the opportunity to see themself as a scientist. Driven by this vision, the program aims to provide clear pathways from preschool through college for students to access authentic science learning experiences that connect to careers in biomedical research.

These goals align with St. Jude’s strategic initiatives to enrich the talent pipeline by developing educational efforts targeted at potential future St. Jude employees and incorporate the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion into talent sourcing, hiring, career development, promotion and retention, and community outreach.

By the Numbers

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The St. Jude STEMM Education and Outreach Program sponsored 11 student interns. Of the interns, 27% were African American/Black, and 56% were White/Caucasian (Non-Hispanic).
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The St. Jude STEMM Education and Outreach Program curriculum was used in 21 classrooms across elementary schools, reaching over 450 Memphis-Shelby County Schools kindergarten students.
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The St. Jude STEMM Club is hosted at 21 schools, serving 280 students.
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20 Ambassadors participated in 28 outreach events, reaching 4,458 K–16 students in the Memphis area.
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6 scientists participated in the Memphis STEMM Ambassador Classroom and presented at 6 schools, engaging 82 students nation-wide during the Virtual Science Journal Clubs.
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Now, in the fifth year of programming, many of our interns have graduated and are working in STEMM industries. A few have even taken positions at St. Jude!


Memphis STEM in Medicine Ecosystem

The STEMM Education and Outreach Program is a member of the Memphis STEM in Medicine Ecosystem, a city-wide initiative aimed at addressing inequities in STEM education specific to the Memphis area.

School Partnerships

The St. Jude STEMM Education and Outreach Program partners with schools to provide access and opportunities for youth to engage in authentic STEMM learning experience during the school day and through out-of-school time programming.

Memphis STEM in Medicine Ecosystem

STEMM Stories: Highlighting Our Impact

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