Quality of Life & Palliative Care Ongoing Research

Study Title Type of Research
Informed Consent in Pediatric Phase I Cancer Trials (POIC) A descriptive/observational study of Parental Understanding of Phase 1 Informed Consent
Quality of Life for Children Suffering from Serious Illness Seminar Pre- & Post-Survey & Performance Evaluation of a Staff Educational Intervention
Timely End-of-Life Communication with Parents of Children with Brain Tumors: The COMPLETE Study Prospective Evaluation of Clinical Staff Educational Intervention
Enhancing the Quality of Informed Consent in Pediatric Cancer (R01CA172020-01) Prospective Evaluation of Intervention
Preliminary Content Validation Steps for the Pediatric Oncology Patient Self-Report CTCAE Prospective Assessment Tool Validation Study
Relapsed childhood Neuroblastoma as a model for end-of-life decision-making Qualitative Interviews /Focus Group Analysis
Establishing research priorities in pediatric palliative care: A Delphi Study Online web-based Survey of Convergence in Emerging Research Priorities
PCA Use at End of Life Evaluating the impact of patient-controlled analgesia on Quality of Life at the End of Life
Assessing Staff Satisfaction with the Quality of End-of-Life Care in Children Who Suffer Death Related to Malignancy Before and After Implementation of a Standard Operating Procedure Online web-based Evaluation of QI Development Project
Impact of Neuroblastoma on Developing Dentition: Case Report & Literature Review Single Case Study
A retrospective review of a symptom assessment form and methodology Retrospective Medical Record Data Extraction & Prospective Assessment Tool Validation Study
Embedded Quality of Life and Therapeutic Alliance aims Part of larger Phase I studies
Retrospective Review of the Past Decade of Ethics Consults at St. Jude Online web-based Survey
"ALOSS": Adolescent Loss: The Impact of Loss on Adolescent Oncology Patients Prospective Outcomes Surveys
Symptom Management and Patterns in End-Of-Life Care in Children with Advanced Solid Tumor Malignancies Retrospective study of the impact of Quality of Life/Palliative Care service utilization during the last 3 months of life on solid-tumor in-patient deaths at St. Jude