Clinical Pharmacy Fellowships

Each fellow assumes primary responsibility for designing and carrying out at least one independent research project that leads to peer reviewed publications addressing important research problems, under the immediate direction of the faculty sponsor. All fellows gain experience in hypothesis generation, preparation and submission of a grant proposal, compliance with submission requirements of the IRB, hands-on laboratory training, analysis of data (often in collaboration with the Department of Biostatistics), preparation and submission of abstracts and manuscripts for publication, and formal presentation of their research at peer-reviewed national or international scientific meetings. In the spring of each year, a retreat is held for fellows at St. Jude to present their research projects for review by all basic science and clinical faculty, and a post-doctoral fellow/faculty poster session is held each fall when our external Scientific Advisory Board is visiting.

The clinical pharmacy fellowship program complies with the Guidelines for Fellowship Training as outlined by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. At least 90 percent of clinical fellows' time is devoted to research activities, while the remaining 10 percent may be spent providing clinical pharmacokinetic consults or teaching. Nonclinical fellows spend 100 percent of their time in research activities.

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