Divisional Focus

Researchers in the Division of Neural Circuits & Behavior are studying the organization and function of neural circuits that form the basis of behavior and how pathogenic events in those circuits can cause catastrophic neurologic and/or psychiatric diseases. Research interests in the Division are diverse, but all efforts emphasize the mechanistic understanding of behavior at the levels of neural circuits, individual neurons, synapses, and molecules. Current investigations include advanced optical, electrophysiological, and genomic studies to gain an in-depth understanding of the molecular and cellular components underlying the functions of excitatory, inhibitory, and neuromodulatory circuits in the central nervous system.

Investigators in the Division constitute a component of the Department of Developmental Neurobiology. As such, they have access to specialized departmental shared resources, including an integrated support structure for rodent behavior testing, 3-dimensional brain organoids, in vivo and ex vivo imaging, bioinformatics, production of genetically engineered animal models, single cell profiling, and advanced image processing and analysis. Institutional Shared Resources and Core Facilities also provide access to expertise and state-of-the-art technologies.

Research Focus Areas

Functional organization of neural circuits controlling movement

Molecular and organizational diversity of neuromodulatory circuits and their role in neuropsychiatric disease

Neural circuits of learning, memory and their dysfunction in neuropsychiatric disease

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Division of Neural Circuits and Behavior

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262 Danny Thomas Place
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