Basic research is the foundation for all translational research and new clinical trials. In DNB, we study the fundamental mechanisms of normal nervous system development and disease. When we translate our findings into the clinic, we adhere to the highest level of scientific rigor. Is the the therapeutic approach scientifically justified? Is the intervention translationally relevant for our patients? How can we learn from each unique patient to further advance our science and improve treatment? How can we accelerate discovery by engaging scientists around the world to tackle catastrophic childhood disease? In DNB, we work across disciplines to bring innovative new therapeutic approaches to our patients while setting the bar for scientific justification and translational relevance of each new trial.

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Vorinostat and isotretinoin with chemotherapy in young children with embryonal tumors: a report from the Pediatric Brain Consortium (PBTC-026)

In this clinical study of embryonal tumor patients, an interdisciplinary team evaluated the feasibility and safety of incorporating novel non-cytotoxic therapy with vorinostat and isotretinoin to an intensive cytotoxic chemotherapty background.