About David J. Solecki

Dr. David Solecki is a faculty member in the Department of Developmental Neurobiology and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at St. Jude. Following doctoral work in Molecular and Cellular Pathology at SUNY Stony Brook, he completed postdoctoral training with Mary Beth Hatten at the Rockefeller University.  Solecki joined St. Jude in 2007 and formed a multidisciplinary team to study the migration and maturation of neurons during neural development. His laboratory’s collaborations with external partners like Oak Ridge National Lab and Janelia Research Campus guide technological advances in microscopy and image analysis, which helps advance research possibilities in developmental neurobiology.  Dr. Solecki led a task force to create the Center for Bioimaging Informatics at St. Jude and is the oversight chair of the Cell and Tissue Imaging Center.  Despite a busy schedule, Dr. Solecki still finds time to work in the lab or at a microscope to remain grounded in his team’s research.   

photo of David Solecki in his office

Meet the Team

Will Bodeen, PhD
  • Will Bodeen, PhD
  • Senior Researcher
Kirby Campbell, PhD
  • Kirby Campbell, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Liam Hallada
  • Liam Hallada
  • Graduate Student
Cherry Huang, PhD
  • Cherry Huang, PhD
  • Senior Researcher
Christophe Laumonnerie, PhD
  • Christophe Laumonnerie, PhD
  • Scientist
Anna Pittman, PhD
  • Anna Pittman, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Niraj Trivedi
  • Niraj Trivedi
  • Lab Operations Manager
Danielle Wong
  • Danielle Wong
  • Senior Researcher