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Immune cell-based therapies have emerged as a promising new tool in the fight against cancer and chronic infections. Prolonged stimulation of T cells leads to “exhaustion” and limits their ability to function. We use a combination of epigenetic and computational techniques to study this T cell exhaustion. Our laboratory wants to understand the mechanisms that regulate the development of T cells during infection, cancer, and autoimmunity with the goal of improving treatments for these diseases.

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The Youngblood Lab has a team of biological and clinical scientists focused on translating fundamental immunological discoveries into therapies.

Our research summary

Following chronic stimulation, T cells undergo a developmental process known as “exhaustion,” a dysfunctional state reinforced by epigenetic changes that limits their capacity to mount an effector response. The commitment of T cells to this exhausted fate is currently a major barrier in the advancement of T cell immunotherapy efforts. Our lab discovered that T cells can resist exhaustion when a particular enzyme is knocked out – even if the source of antigen persists. We are now applying this perturbation approach to CAR T cells, creating persistent populations of functional cells that we can now evaluate in clinical trials at St. Jude. 

Youngblood Lab

Our laboratory employs cutting-edge epigenetic and transcriptional profiling techniques, gene engineering approaches in human and murine models of T cell exhaustion, and computational analyses to identify molecular mechanisms of T cell exhaustion. We then work to develop innovative strategies to block exhaustion and prolong T cell responses during immunotherapy. This work not only provides insight into the process of T cell exhaustion, but also reveals clues to improve T cell-based immunotherapies.  

We are actively extending our research toward immuno-oncology, specifically the tumor microenvironment’s role in T cell differentiation and how we can leverage our previous discoveries to better understand tumor immunology.

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Benjamin A. Youngblood, PhD
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262 Danny Thomas Place
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