Antibodies for Basic Research

The Office of Technology Licensing at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital offers antibodies to the research community on a non-exclusive basis so that other organizations can begin using our reagents quickly, and speed the pace of discovery and innovation.

Antibody Target Epitope: Anti-Xrcc1 polyclonal antibody

Reference or Description: DNA repair protein XRCC1 (X-ray repair cross-complementing protein 1) from ionizing radiation and alkylating agents

Invention Number: SJ-12-0021

Antibody Target Epitope: Anti-Scythe/Bat3 polyclonal antibody

Reference or Description: Regulator of Hsp70-2 in spermatogenesis, providing a possible molecular target in idiopathic male infertility

Invention Number: SJ-10-0011

Antibody Target Epitope: K63-linked polyubiquitin (Ub-K63)-specific mAb

Reference or Description: Mouse monoclonal antibody specific for Ub-K63

Invention Number: SJ-08-0030

Antibody Target Epitope: Atg monoclonal antibody

Reference or Description: Human anti-ATG5

Invention Number: SJ-08-0012

Antibody Target Epitope: UBC-12

Reference or Description: Nat Struct Mol Bio 11(10):927-935 (Oct 2004)

Invention Number: SJ-04-0029

Antibody Target Epitope: p19 ARF monoclonal antibody

Reference or Description: Hybridoma 23(50):293-300 (Oct 2004)

Invention Number: SJ-04-0027

Antibody Target Epitope: LAG-3 monoclonal antibody

Reference or Description: Immunity 21(4):503-513 (Oct 2004)

Invention Number: SJ-01-0006

Antibody Target Epitope: Breast cancer resistance protein-1 (Bcrp1), human Abcg2 transporter

Reference or Description: Nat Med 7(9): 1028-34 (Sept 2001)

Invention Number: SJ-97-0016

Antibody Target Epitope: CSF-1R specific monoclonal Antibodies

Reference or Description: Blood. 1989 Feb 15;73(3):827-37. Blood. 1989 May 15;73(7):1786-93. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1989 Oct;86(20):7924-7.

Invention Number: SJ-96-0003

Antibody Target Epitope: Cyclin D1, D2 and D3 monoclonal antibodies

Reference or Description: Hybridoma 13(1): 37-44 (Feb 1994)

Invention Number: SJ-96-0002

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