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What’s to be learned by ‘painting’ the cancer genome? Plenty!

Memphis, Tennessee, January 11, 2021

Two researchers sitting at a desk and talking while wearing masks.

St. Jude Computational Biology scientists Xin Zhou, PhD (left), and Jinghui Zhang, PhD, chair, contributed to developing GenomePaint, a web-based tool that helps better explore genomic data. 

What if researchers could “paint” the cancer genome to discover and understand how different tumors develop, grow and respond to treatment?

That’s the idea behind the web-based tool GenomePaint developed by St. Jude scientists.

GenomePaint helps researchers visualize and explore genetic data from thousands of children and adults with cancer. The data and GenomePaint are available on St. Jude Cloud, an online platform for sharing data and analytic tools. Researchers around the world can use GenomePaint to analyze their own data at no cost. It can also be directly accessed at

The goal is to speed our understanding of cancer. The answers will help develop more effective therapy, including precision medicines.

“This tool puts patients’ cancer genomes front and center,” said Jinghui Zhang, Computational Biology chair. “GenomePaint is a powerful tool for helping researchers make the most of genomic data to improve outcomes for people with cancer and other genetic diseases.”

Cancer Cell published a report on this work.

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