St. Jude Cancer Education for Children Program

As part of the St. Jude Comprehensive Cancer Center, the St. Jude Cancer Education for Children Program (also known as Cure4Kids) offers educational resources to children, their parents and teachers related to the basic science and treatment of cancer.

With culturally sensitive and age-appropriate content, the program is designed to dispel common misconceptions about childhood cancer, promote healthy habits in children that could prevent the development of adult cancer, and increase children’s overall interest in science and health careers.

All of the educational content was developed and reviewed by a multidisciplinary team composed of St. Jude faculty and staff. The curriculum is organized around three modules:

  • What are Cells? In this module, cells are presented as the basic units of life.
  • What is Cancer? In this module, cancer is presented as a disease of unhealthy cells.
  • What is Healthy Living? In this module, four healthy habits related to cancer prevention into adulthood: proper nutrition, safe sun exposure, tobacco control and appropriate physical activity.

St. Jude works with schools to implement this program free of charge: