About Shondra Pruett-Miller

Dr. Shondra Pruett-Miller received her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. She has extensive experience in genome-editing technologies and served as the Founder and Director of the Genome Engineering and iPSC Center (GEiC) at Washington University in St. Louis before coming to St. Jude. Dr. Pruett-Miller is an Associate Member of the St. Jude Faculty, Vice President and Associate Director of the Cancer Center Shared Resources and Founding Director of the Center for Advanced Genome Engineering (CAGE). She is also a member of the Collaborative Research Consortium for Sickle Cell Disease. She aims to explore and utilize genome-editing techniques to further fundamental research, while also employing these methods to establish disease models and translate genome editing to the clinic.

Science Team

Meet the Team

Elizabeth Arnold
  • Elizabeth Arnold
  • Senior Researcher
Richa Bajpai, PhD
  • Richa Bajpai, PhD
  • Scientist
Leslie Climer, PhD
  • Leslie Climer, PhD
  • Lead Researcher
Patrick Connelly, PhD
  • Patrick Connelly, PhD
  • Director, Laboratory Operations
Pete Hall
  • Pete Hall
  • Senior Researcher
Baranda Hansen, MS
  • Baranda Hansen, MS
  • Lead Researcher
Emily Hendrix
  • Emily Hendrix
  • Researcher
Jon Klein, MS
  • Jon Klein, MS
  • Lead Researcher
Shilpa Narina, MS
  • Shilpa Narina, MS
  • Lead Researcher
Shaina Porter, PhD
  • Shaina Porter, PhD
  • Manager, Research Operations
Mollie Prater, MS
  • Mollie Prater, MS
  • Senior Researcher
Morgan Reynolds-Gagliano, MS
  • Morgan Reynolds-Gagliano, MS
  • Researcher
Jamaica Siwak, MS
  • Jamaica Siwak, MS
  • Graduate Student
Caera Taylor
  • Caera Taylor
  • Researcher
Sadie Walker
  • Sadie Walker
  • Graduate Student
Jinbin Zhai, PhD
  • Jinbin Zhai, PhD
  • Scientist