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Neuro-Oncology Fellowship Program

Providing a unique clinical and research experience for treating pediatric patients with challenging brain tumors

As a clinical fellow in the Neuro-Oncology program, you will receive exceptional training in one of the largest clinical brain tumor programs in North America. You will gain experience with the etiology and biology of these brain tumors, the optimal provision of clinical care, and the innovative therapeutic approaches being developed in St. Jude-led and collaborative clinical trials. You will be part of a select cohort of clinical fellows across numerous pediatric sub-specialties, including:

  • Hematology/oncology
  • Solid Tumor
  • Pediatric Surgical Oncology
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • Psychology and Psychosocial
  • Infectious Diseases

Our Clinical Program

The Neuro-Oncology Division is an integral part of the Brain Tumor Program. In addition to the more than 150 patients treated at St. Jude annually, we often consult on cases from other institutions, providing guidance or second opinions on diagnoses and treatment plans.

In the clinic, you will work with patients presenting some of the most complex pediatric brain tumors in the country. You will join an experienced, multidisciplinary team of specialists, including neurosurgery, neuroradiology and more. Together, you will provide patients with personalized care while focusing on clinical investigation.

Our Research Program

The Brain Tumor Program works collaboratively with the Department of Developmental Neurobiology. The focus of the Brain Tumor research program is to advance innovative therapeutic interventions, including new chemotherapeutic agents. Clinical trials are developed regularly at St. Jude and in collaboration with other pediatric neuro-oncology programs, cooperative groups, and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium. Novel studies are currently ongoing in infant CNS tumors, medulloblastoma, malignant gliomas and low-grade neoplasms.

Learn more about our Brain Tumor Clinical Trials

Fellowship Program

The fellowship is for 1 year, with a July 1-June 30 schedule preferred.

  1. As a Neuro-Oncology fellow, you will work with internationally renowned clinical investigators to care for a high volume of diverse patients in an enhanced clinical setting. You will gain experience in:

    • Innovative therapeutic intervention studies in conjunction with internationally recognized laboratories in clinical pharmacology and molecular biology
    • Integrating the specialties of pediatric neurology, neurosurgery, neuropathology, neuroradiology, oncology and radiation oncology into the care of children with complex primary brain tumors or with chemotherapy-induced neurologic complications
    • Progressing research from the laboratory to the clinic through the development of protocols that directly benefit patients
  2. Our fellowship is flexible to meet the needs and goals of each trainee. A typical schedule includes:

    • Up to four days a week in the Neuro-Oncology clinic
    • Quarterly evaluations
    • Cross-training through rotations with other departments including:
      • Radiation Oncology
      • Pathology
      • Diagnostic Imaging
      • Neurosurgery
      • Psychology
    • Participation in institutional meetings and seminars including:
      • Brain Tumor Research Conference
      • Journal Clubs
      • Grand Rounds
      • Friday Noon Seminar
      • Protocol Planning Conferences

    Neuro-Oncology fellows can also participate in the Hematology/oncology educational opportunities.

Applying for Fellowship


Eligible applicants will have completed a pediatric hematology/oncology or a pediatric neurology fellowship. The Neuro-Oncology fellowship program accepts international applicants who have obtained their ECFMG certification.

Application Process

To learn more about current openings and the application process, please email Giles Robinson, MD, Fellowship Program Director. A complete application will consist of: a curriculum vitae (CV), personal statement, and three (3) letters of recommendation. Applicants may apply at any time. Our interview season typically occurs in the fall for a July 1 start date.

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