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Brain Tumor Treatment

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital specializes in treating the most challenging pediatric brain tumors.

St. Jude has one of the world's leading brain tumor programs devoted entirely to children.


Our specialties include:

Children are not just small adults. When your child has a brain tumor, you need specialized medical experts who understand how to protect your child’s growing body, as well as fight the disease.

The fact that we had a doctor who knows more about children’s brain tumors than anybody else in the world was an affirmation that we were going to the right place.

Craig Dismuke, father of ependymoma survivor Ingram


We are there from Day One, when a child arrives as a brand-new patient, all the way through their care. I’m that child’s nurse, no matter where they go in the hospital.

Julie Morganelli, BSN, RN, CPHON 
Ambulatory Care Unit


Brain tumor team

Dr. Giles Robinson treats a St. Jude patient

For 30 years, parents and doctors have sent the toughest brain tumor cases in the world to St. Jude. The reason is simple: outstanding brain tumor expertise from exceptional professionals.

Meet Your Brain Tumor Team


Brain Tumor Coordinator

Our Brain Tumor Coordinator is dedicated to helping you seek treatment or refer a patient.

Tabatha Doyle, RN
Brain Tumor Coordinator

Phone: (901) 595-2544
Fax: (901) 595-6211


Resources for parents and families of children with brain tumors

St. Jude is a hospital made to treat children, and take care of their families. We want you to have information you need to answer questions, understand options and make decisions.

You can always ask questions of your doctor, nurse or care team member. You can also contact us if you are at home. Here are some other resources you may find useful.


Refer a Brain Tumor Patient

Patient Referrals