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St. Jude on the TODAY Show

This holiday season, hear and share the amazing stories from Marlo Thomas and St. Jude patients on NBC's TODAY Show.

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Marlo Thomas with St. Jude patients

Tune in to the TODAY Show on NBC each day from November 22 to 26 to catch a new segment featuring St. Jude patients and their stories of triumph — stories that are possible because of people like you

These inspiring tales of courage and strength kick off St. Jude Thanks and Giving 2021. Created in 2004 by Marlo, Terre and Tony Thomas — children of St. Jude founder Danny Thomas — the St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign has grown into an annual holiday tradition, thanks to tremendous public support.

Or catch up on TODAY Show video segments of the stories you may have missed below. Please watch, enjoy and share today.

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Monday, Nov. 22


Hayley and Jackson visit a space Dragon

Join St. Jude patient Jackson and Hayley Arceneaux, who, before her Inspiration4 mission to space, was his Physician Assistant, and before that a cancer survivor and St. Jude patient herself. Hear Kerry Sanders interview the pair as they visit Space X and the Kennedy Space Center Museum.


Tuesday, Nov. 23


Aubree's story

While on a Caribbean cruise with her family, Aubree was having very bad headaches. In Mexico, an MRI showed that she needed emergency surgery and a shunt to relieve pressure on her brain. Aubree was medevacked back home to Mississippi then arrived at St. Jude shortly before the pandemic for treatment.


Wednesday, Nov. 24


NBC's Kristen Dahlgren interviews Maelin-Kate

When Maelin-Kate’s parents, Paul and Megan, brought her home from China after adopting her in 2017, they knew she had medical needs. One leg was shorter than the other — hip dysplasia, it turned out. Maelin-Kate was scheduled for orthopedic surgery within weeks of her adoption. That’s how her Fanconi anemia came to light.

"She makes everybody smile every day because she loves everything about life," notes Maelin-Kate's mom.


Thursday, Nov. 25


NBC's Harry Smith interviews St. Jude patient Emily

At 18 months, Emily was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and had her right eye removed to save her life. At 11 years old, she was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, then went through 9 months of chemo, 2 months of radiation and surgery. At 17, her Ewing Sarcoma returned, and she started treatment again, finishing in early 2019. Emily took a gap year before starting college and joining her collegiate sharpshooter team.


Friday, Nov. 26


Giving and Hope and Love and Gratitude — Our partners support St. Jude

Join Marlo on Friday morning's TODAY Show, and explore holiday gifts from some of our partners.


This season, give thanks for the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not.

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