Psychology Research

Psychology faculty members are actively engaged in research across oncology, hematology and infectious disease populations. Individual research interests are varied, but generally fall within two major focus areas: Cognitive Neurosciences and Health Promotion.

  • Within the Cognitive Neurosciences domain, efforts are focused on assessment of treatment-related cognitive impairments, identification of factors influencing cognitive outcomes, and development of interventions to prevent or ameliorate cognitive late effects.
  • Within the Health Promotion domain, efforts are focused on adherence, tobacco control, coping and adaptive styles, health behaviors, reproductive health, sleep and fatigue, and cancer survivorship issues.

Across both domains, the emphasis is on linking findings from outcomes research to inform the development of novel interventions for children and families. Please find individual links to each of our faculty’s webpages below. There you will find additional information regarding each faculty member’s research interests and recent publications.

Our Faculty and Specialty Areas:

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