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Hematology Treatment Team

St. Jude has a large outpatient clinic setting with a dedicated area for children with sickle cell disease.  Children are seen five days a week in designated clinics (sickle cell, hemostasis, general hematology, and bone marrow failure) with variable frequency depending upon age, clinical need, treatment regimen, and research protocols.  The age specific SCD and other hematology clinics facilitate proficient and well-coordinated approach of multidisciplinary care. This multi-disciplinary team includes physicians, mid-level providers (PA’s and NP’s), nurse case managers, clinic nurses, social workers, clinical trial management specialists, academic coordinators, child life specialists, pharmacists, psychologists, genetic counselors, administrative support, and other specialists as required.  Each clinic has a team permanently assigned to promote continuity of care. The sickle cell clinics are divided into age-based clinics: Infant/Toddler; School-Age; Teen Clinic; and a collaborative Transition clinic at the adult comprehensive sickle cell center.