Resources and Clinics on Campus


When your child is sick, you shouldn't have to worry about things like highway traffic or downtown parking. We put all your child's clinics and specialists in one place: at St. Jude. Why? So you don't have travel across town — or across the country — to get the best possible care.

From the moment you pull up, at St. Jude, you are in the best of hands: those of our staff. This starts with our complimentary valet service. We want you to be able to get out of your car, and get right to helping your child get better.

Most children at St. Jude are treated as outpatients. This means they do not spend the night at the hospital. They only have to be at the hospital for tests, check-ups and treatments.

This reflects the St. Jude approach to patient care. We strive to provide the best treatments and care to our patients. But we also want them to spend as much time as possible just being kids and teens, not confined to hospital rooms.

The terms "outpatient," "clinic," "ACU" and "Ambulatory Care Unit" all refer to the clinic areas. Most of your child's visits to St. Jude will be for outpatient care in one of these areas.

Treatment Areas and Clinics

Assessment & Triage

In Assessment & Triage, a nurse checks your child’s temperature, blood pressure and pulse, as well as height and weight. In many cases, the staff will take blood samples.

Blood Donor Center

Help support a child through a critical time in their treatment at St. Jude by donating blood or blood products at the Blood Donor Center.

Cancer Predisposition Program

The Cancer Predisposition Program is a team of doctors, nurses and genetic counselors who work together with families to find out if a child’s cancer might be inherited.

Cardiopulmonary Services

Cardiopulmonary Services consists of Respiratory Care Practitioners, Echo/EKG Technicians, Pulmonary Function Technicians and EEG Technicians.

Dental Services

Many St. Jude patients visit the Dental Clinic as part of their treatment plan.

Diagnostic Imaging

As a St. Jude patient, your child may need one or more diagnostic imaging tests, including CT scans, MRI scans, X-rays and fluoroscopy, ultrasound and others.

Endocrine Clinic

The St. Jude Endocrine Clinic treats hormone problems that may result from a patient's illness or treatments.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee helps the patient, family members and medical team work through tough decisions together.

Eye Clinic

The St. Jude Eye Clinic is located on the south side of the Patient Care Center first floor and is actually four clinics in one.

Gynecology Clinic

The Gynecology Clinic is located in C Clinic at the north end of the Patient Care Center first floor.

Hospitalist Service

The hospitalist service as St. Jude makes sure that patients have around-the-clock care, especially during nights, weekends and holidays.

Kmart St. Jude Life Center

The After Completion of Care (ACT) Clinic and clinics for Infectious Diseases, Hematology, Hepatology, and Endocrine are located in the Kmart St. Jude Life Center.

Medicine Room

Patients receive chemotherapy, blood products and other medicines in the Medicine Room on an outpatient basis.

Patient Pharmacy

St. Jude pharmacists work with you and the entire health care team to make sure your child’s medicines are right.

Procedural Recovery Area

The Procedure / Recovery area, located on the first floor of the Patient Care Center, has four procedure rooms and eight recovery bays.

Pulmonary Clinic

The new pulmonary consultation clinic is the latest addition to the specialty clinics St. Jude provides to make treatment more convenient for patients and their families.

Quality & Patient Safety

The Quality and Patient Safety team at St. Jude works to improve patient safety and satisfaction.

Surgery Clinic

Staff of the Surgery Clinic see every patient who will undergo surgery. The clinic includes several sub-clinics, including Ortho, Limb Sparing and AVN (Avascular Necrosis).

Service Areas

A Clinic: Leukemia/Lymphoma

B Clinic: Stem Cell Transplant

C Clinic: Specialty

D Clinic: Solid Tumor

E Clinic: Neuro-Oncology Clinic

H Clinic: Hematology

Kmart St. Jude Life Center: After Completion of Therapy (ACT) Clinic, and clinics for Infectious Diseases and Endocrine

Radiation Oncology (RO) Clinic: Radiation Therapy


Support Services for Patients & Families

Child Life

Children and teens manage illness and stress in different ways than adults. Child Life helps your child and young family members cope and minimize stress and anxiety.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition department personnel are integral members of the multidisciplinary team that provides patient care at St. Jude and is committed to excellence in patient care, as is the rest of the team.

Psychology Clinic

The Psychology Clinic at St. Jude is available to provide a wide range of support services for St. Jude patients and their families.


The staff of Rehabilitation Services provide care when the symptoms of cancer and treatment side effects cause problems with a child's daily activities and thus interferes with a child's development.

School Program

The St. Jude School Program by Chili’s provides opportunities to continue normal educational activities and to provide re-entry services to ease the transition back to the community school.

Social Work

Social Work staff is here to support you and your family through counseling. Your child's social worker will also help you understand the services available to help your family adjust.

Spiritual Care Services

Spiritual Care Services provides spiritual or religious services to promote spiritual well-being to each patient and his or her family as they are affected by the diagnosis of catastrophic illness