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Blood Disorders Treatment

Blood disorders treatment at St. Jude

For more than 50 years, St. Jude doctors and researchers have developed and improved treatments for children with non-cancerous hematological (blood) disorders. A full team of experts and specialists is dedicated to each child. St. Jude also offers:

  • A federally designated Hemophilia Treatment Center
  • Pioneering research in gene therapy
  • One of the largest treatment programs in the country for children with sickle cell disease

Children with blood diseases often face lifelong health challenges. St. Jude offers children with blood disorders exceptional care. It also provides your family support you need to address physical, emotional, psychological, educational and other challenges to manage your child’s blood disorder.

What makes St. Jude unique for treatment of blood disorders?


Referral contact information

Contact the Physician/Patient Referral Office to refer a child to St. Jude.

1-888-226-4343 (toll-free)



Referral Contact Form

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Referring a child

St. Jude is the primary treatment center for children with blood disorders in the Memphis area. We also consider referrals of children eligible for an open clinical trial

Patient Referrals

Docs in lab

Treatment for blood disorders

The hematology program at St. Jude provides expert care and treatment for children with blood disorders. We also ensure you have compassionate support you need as your family adjusts to life with a blood disorder.

Blood disorders treatment process


Your treatment team

Dr. Reiss and patient

Since 1962, parents and doctors have sent children with blood disorders to St. Jude. The reason is simple: outstanding expertise from exceptional professionals.

I tell people all the time that I am a walking miracle.

Former St. Jude patient Kimberlin Wilson-George,
the first sickle cell anemia patient cured by bone marrow transplant

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