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Procedural Recovery Area

The Procedure / Recovery area is located on the first floor of the Patient Care Center. The area has 4 procedure rooms and 8 recovery bays. Patients go to the Procedure / Recovery area for many types of procedures. Most are done under general anesthesia or sedation (medicines used to help your child relax or sleep through the process). The most common procedures are bone marrow biopsies/aspirates and lumbar punctures .

Your child will have a primary clinic visit before going to the Procedure / Recovery area. This visit ensures that your child is medically ready for the procedure. A clinic staff member will then escort you and your child to the procedure area.

There is another Procedure / Recovery area located in the Chili’s Care Center. This area is used by patients waking from sedation after diagnostic imaging tests — CT scans, MRIs, nuclear medicine scans, and sometimes X-rays. Two family members can stay with the patient before anesthesia and in the recovery areas.