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Diagnostic Imaging Parent Information

CT scan

You will find the Diagnostic Imaging area on the first floor of the Chili's Care Center. Several tests are performed in this area:

  • CT scans

  • MRI scans

  • X-rays and fluoroscopy

  • Ultrasound

  • Nuclear Medicine scans, such as bone scans

  • PET/CT scans

  • Interventional radiology procedures, such as biopsies and central line placement

Your child may need one or all  of these tests during her time at St. Jude. Your child’s primary doctor or a radiologist will explain each test to you. A radiologist is  a doctor who specializes in diagnostic imaging.

These tests give doctors health details that they can use in many ways:

  • To diagnose your child’s medical condition (pinpoint the disease type)

  • To find out the extent of the disease

  • To see if the disease is responding to treatment

  • To monitor remission (disease-free state)

  • To see any progression (growth) of the disease

  • To monitor any side effects of treatment

If the doctor orders an imaging test, the staff will give you details about how to prepare for the test. Please take your child to the Diagnostic Imaging waiting area 15 minutes before your check-in time. Check in with the patient representative at the desk as soon as you arrive. It is important to be on time; your child’s test may be cancelled if you are late. After you check in with the patient representative, do not leave the waiting area until after the test is complete.

If you are not able to attend your planned visit, please call your primary clinic, so they can give your test time to another patient.

If your child is an inpatient, some of these tests might be done in the patient room.

If you would like to know more about Diagnostic Imaging, talk to your child’s doctor or nurse.